Amazon App Will Soon Let You Place Takeout Orders At Some Restaurants

Image courtesy of Amazon

In its never-ending quest to stick its fingers into as many pies as possible, Amazon will soon allow customers in some areas to place orders for takeout food with local restaurants from inside the Amazon app.

Next month, the e-commerce company will expand its Amazon Pay offering to include select eateries in its hometown of Seattle as well as in in New York, Massachusetts, Connecticut, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and Washington D.C., reports CNBC. It’s been available since July for TGI Friday’s takeout orders.

It’s only for takeout orders, however — so you’ll have to do your own legwork when your order is ready. Here’s how it works:

• Amazon customers can browse participating restaurants through the Amazon App, then place their order and complete the checkout process using the information they already have stored in the app.

• The order is processed through Clover point-of-sale machines at each restaurant, and is then printed out at the location’s Clover printer.

• Customers then pick up their order when it’s ready.

The entire menu may not be available through the Amazon app, however, as the company notes that it will only display “top” menu items selected by each restaurant within the Clover system.

Amazon takes a 10% cut of each order processed through the app as well, to cover “marketing and payment processing, including fraud protection.”

Just last month, Amazon made a push into restaurant delivery with a new partnership that lets local restaurants and national chains list their menus on Amazon Restaurants. That service is available in more than 20 major cities at the moment, and requires a $20 minimum delivery per order.

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