Dunkin’ Donuts Dropping The “Donut” In California Test

Image courtesy of m01229

It’s just common knowledge that shortening your name makes you so much cooler; Alexander to Alex or Robert to Bob or Christopher to Topher. Okay, might not always be true, but Dunkin’ Donuts appears to be embracing its nickname in hopes that it will bring in more customers to buy drinks, sandwiches, and pretty much anything other than donuts: The chain will go by just Dunkin’ at some California stores. 

Nation’s Restaurant News reports that a soon-to-open Pasadena, CA, location will simply go by Dunkin’, as the chain attempts to get the point across that it serves much more than just donuts.

The company notes in a statement that it has long referred to itself as simply Dunkin’ in advertising, as seen in the chain’s “America Runs on Dunkin’” campaign.

But plastering the front of a store with just the single word, and no trace of “Donut” is certainly a departure for the Massachusetts-based company.

“While we remain the number one retailer of donuts in the country, as part of our efforts to reinforce that Dunkin’ Donuts is a beverage-led brand and coffee leader, we will be testing signage in a few locations that refer to the brand simply as “Dunkin’,” the chain said in a statement to Nation’s Restaurant News.

The redesign, which will be adopted by other stores in California this summer and fall, could become part of a larger, already planned redesign the chain is expected to be unveiled next year.

It’s not entirely uncommon for companies to embrace their nicknames, but it doesn’t alway work out in their favor. Take for example, RadioShack. The once vibrant, much shopped retailer dropped “Radio” from its moniker back in 2009 in an attempt to turn around business and embrace the new digital world. We all know how things have turned out for that retailer.

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