Everyone Thinks Apple’s HomePod Looks Like Really Expensive Toilet Paper

When Apple announced yesterday that it would be joining the likes of Google and Amazon with a Siri-connected speaker that can play music called the HomePod, the reaction was immediate. “It’s expensive!” some said of the $349 price tag. “It’s been done!” others chimed in. “It looks like a roll of toilet paper!” said basically everyone.

While Apple touted the HomePod as a music listening device, designed to be small and unobtrusive while making your tunes sound good, Twitter doesn’t see it that way. Here are just a few of the best comparison we saw out there.

Toilet paper: Twitter did a collective eye roll at what looks to some like an iRoll.

Imperial spy droid: More than one person had a distinctly Star Warsian reaction to the HomePod.

Marshmallow: If you’re going to burn your money, it might as well be delicious!

Giant pet accessory: We sincerely hope your cat is not this large.

Headwear: Fancy hats!

String: Where are those brown paper packages that need to be tied up with string?

HAL9000: Enough said.

A garbage can: It plays “Take Me Out” every time you throw something in it, perhaps.

Price: Whatever it looks like, people think it seems pretty expensive for a speaker, noting that it’s about three times the cost of a Google Home ($109) or twice an Amazon Echo ($179).

Will any of this prevent the HomePod from achieving true success, or will it succeed only as a potty joke? That remains to be seen — Apple will launch the devices before Christmas.

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