$425 Convertible Jorts Are Proof We Live In The End Times For Denim

When fashion historians look back on this century, perhaps the spring of 2017 will mark the beginning of the Denim End Times, when clear plastic appeared in inexplicable places, and someone, somewhere, evidently needed to convert chaps into booty shorts. It was a nice run while it lasted, denim.

While some American shoppers still struggle with the idea of paying more for jeans with rips in them, brands are experimenting with ideas like $95 “mom jeans” with clear plastic knee windows, jean shorts covered with clear plastic, and jeans for men that are pre-muddied.

A new offering from the brand Y/Project also blurs the distinction between jeans and shorts, converting from one to the other. If this seems like a good and practical idea, and perhaps something that you would like to bring on your next hiking trip, note that these are not solid pants and are problematic for, say, keeping ticks off you. The wearer’s front and back upper thigh will be exposed, like a cowgirl outfit gone terribly wrong.

To look this fashionable and still have a cold butt, you only need to pay $425.

The shorts are nice, at least, if booty jorts are what you’re after. However, the brand’s model is wearing a leotard or bodysuit and the jeans have a button fly, which just seems like more work than necessary to use the rest room. I guess that’s just fashion logic.

(via The Cut – thanks, Meghan!)

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