Alamo Drafthouse Offers Gift Certificate To Guy Who Sued Date For Texting During Movie

Image courtesy of eflon

By now, you’ve probably heard about the guy in Texas that is suing his date for texting during a movie. Text-hating theater chain Alamo Drafthouse is hoping to intervene in this personal spat by offering the man a gift certificate.

The Austin man recently sued a woman seeking $17.31 — the cost of her ticket — after she allegedly typed throughout Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2, reports KVUE.

He accused her of opening her phone between 10 and 20 times to read and send text messages, which he claims is in “direct violation of the theater’s police” and adversely affected “the viewing experience of Plaintiff and others.”

When he told her she could text a lot better in the lobby, she took him up on that suggestion — and didn’t return.

“I am fully aware of the weirdness of this situation,” he told the news station.

Even though the incident didn’t occur at an Alamo Drafthouse theater, Tim League, CEO of the Austin-based chain, heard about the lawsuit, and says he was conflicted.

“On one hand, I am concerned about our courts being clogged with superfluous lawsuits, but as [the plaintiff] states, ‘this is a threat to civilized society,’” he told the Austin Statesman.

If the man is willing to drop the case, League says Alamo will cover the cost of the ticket so he can enjoy the galactic antics of Chris Pratt and company at a theater that is famous for its zero-tolerance policy for texting.

“To save the time of the courts, the Alamo is willing help put this to bed and hereby offers [the man] a gift certificate in the amount of $17.31 for his next cinema outing,” League says.

Of course, this is all just yet another reason to run this hilarious voicemail one Alamo customer left after being kicked out for texting:

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