Apple Reportedly Prepping Completely Overhauled iPhone For 10th Anniversary

Image courtesy of (josepqr)

The iPhone will celebrate its tenth birthday this June, and just like a precocious pre-teen who decides it’s time to pay more attention to their hair and clothing, Apple is reportedly planning a complete revamp of its signature device — for those willing to pay extra.

Bloomberg, citing people familiar with the matter, reports that Apple is prepping three phones for launch this fall — two are upgraded models of current phones, while the third is supposedly the most expensive, best-of-the-best iPhone you’ve ever seen.

While Apple is currently working with manufacturing partners in Asia to create several prototypes of the newly redesigned phone — meaning that descriptions could change before the estimated fall debut — sources provided Bloomberg with an idea of what the device will be.

For example, the new stainless-steel premium model will have the overall size of the current iPhone 7. However, with a curved glass screen, it will have the display size of the larger iPhone 7 Plus.

This display, the sources say, will more accurately show color and feature a home button that is incorporated into the screen instead of a separate button below the display.

For now, the sources say the prototypes have been designed as an homage of sorts to previous versions of the iPhone, specifically to the 2010 iPhone 4 and 2007’s original iPhone, compete with dramatic curves and screens that curve into a steel frame.

The company is also testing new camera options for the forthcoming phones, including dual camera systems and different placements.

Because of the ongoing tests and potential supply issues, Bloomberg notes that the overhauled phone may not be available for sale one or two months after its debut, as is traditionally the case for Apple’s phones.

As for the two upgraded iPhones, the sources say they will come in the same screen sizes as the current iPhone 7 and 7 Plus devices with liquid crystal display technology.

All three phones will run on iOS 11, which is expected to be released in June, sources tell Bloomberg, adding that the system will include a revamped user interface and faster processors.

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