McDonald’s Is Selling Waffle Fries This Holiday Season — But Only In Canada

Image courtesy of jronaldlee

Do you like waffle cut fries? Even though you can probably get them at just about every sports bar or diner in town, do you nonetheless have a craving to purchase them from McDonald’s? Then you had better plan a trip to the wintry north, because the fast food chain is only selling them in Canada this holiday season.

Canadian customers will see waffle fries on the menu at all McDonald’s locations during the holidays, as well as other season offerings like a burger with both a beef patty and a hash brown patty topped with bacon; a peppermint mocha; a chocolate sundae with pecans, and a salted caramel latte, Brand Eating reported.

The only thing on that menu Americans also get is the peppermint mocha, though we can always drown our waffle fries sorrows in fried cheese curds and Gilroy garlic fries.

McDonald’s isn’t the only fast food chain getting into the holiday spirit with special menu offerings: Burger King will have a doughnut burger on the menu in Israel during Hanukkah this year.

(h/t Time)

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