McDonald’s Launches iOS App To Find McRib, Immediately Invite Your Friends

Image courtesy of Alan Rappa

Have you ever wanted to invite a friend out for a McRib, but aren’t sure where they’re available? This is probably an extremely rare problem, but McDonald’s has solved it nevertheless with a new app. The bad news: it’s only available for iPhone so far, and it’s not especially useful.

mcribstickerThe app installs inside iMessage, the text-messaging app for iPhones and iPads, allowing users to find their nearest McRib, then invite a friend to go eat it. Users can also send McRib-themed “stickers” when they have the McRib app-within-an-app open.

This is a big deal, since normally McRib-hunters have to depend on crowdsourced data to find the sandwich. Consumerist tested the app, and found that it has one major flaw: it only searches for McRibs around the area where you and your phone are at that moment, and not the spot where the friend you’re texting is, or somewhere you plan to be in the future.

This is not related to the announcement that McDonald’s plans to let customers order and pay from within the eatery’s app.


The McRib will be available sporadically until Dec. 31 this year. It is not available near Consumerist’s Albany bureau at the moment.

McDonald’s McRib Finder [iTunes]

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