Help Us Figure Out Your Fast-Food Frequency

Image courtesy of Morton Fox

When Greg Creed, the curiously Australian CEO of Yum Brands, recently boasted that “Half the U.S. population eats Taco Bell once a month,” we got to wondering: Just how frequently do people visit the country’s most popular quick-service eateries?

It’s pretty simple: Take our quick survey of the nation’s top 20 non-seasonal fast food chains. For each one, just pick an answer from the drop-down list that most accurately reflects how often you eat that brand’s food (or drink their coffee in some cases). We’ll tell you about the results in an upcoming story.

This is not meant to be an evaluation of quality, as you might frequent Chain X because it’s the only thing to eat near your home or office, or because your friends or family always demand it. Conversely, you might eat at Chain X rarely because there aren’t any in your area or your family doesn’t share your affection for the menu there.

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