Burger King’s Cheetos Chicken Fries Come With A Side Of Sheer Desperation

Maybe Burger King should consider a name change if it’s going to keep trying to reel in customers with menu items that have been dusted in Cheetos, because this latest effort — Cheetos Chicken Fries — is arriving with what seems to be a cheesy whiff of pure desperation.

See, Burger King has already done chicken fries, and it’s already tried dusting mac ‘n cheese with Cheetos (a menu item that customers greeted with a collective “meh”), so why not just combine those things?

That seems to be the thinking behind the newest frankenfood creation to come from the King, who appeared in an ad with Chester Cheetah to confirm that yes, the world will be subjected to fried chicken strips coated in Cheetos breading.

The new item will cost $2.89 for nine pieces, and will be available at select Burger King locations starting Sept. 14 for a limited time.

What’s next — a Whopperito rolled in Cheetos and fried? We honestly wouldn’t be surprised. Sad, but not surprised.

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