Are You A Former Student Or Employee At ITT Tech? We’d Like To Hear From You

You may have heard that ITT Educational Services – the operator of for-profit college charing ITT Technical Institute — abruptly closed the doors of all 130 of its campuses across the country this week leaving nearly 40,000 students in educational limbo and 8,000 employees without a job. While regulators have long looked into the schools’ recruitment tactics and loan practices, we haven’t heard first-person accounts of their time at the school.

If you are, or have recently been, a student or employee at any of the now-closed ITT Technical campuses, we’d like to hear from you to get your insider’s opinion of the school and its issues.

So if you have any first-hand information you’d like to share about your time at ITT Tech, shoot us an e-mail with the subject “ITT Tech Stories” at and let us know if you’re a current or former student, or employee, and what school you attended.

We will absolutely not publicly identify anyone who writes us and will only use first names or pseudonyms to refer to you.

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