Dunkin’ Donuts Decides To Keep Cold Brew Coffee Around Until The End Of The Year

Now that Dunkin’ Donuts has given this whole cold brew coffee thing a try, it’s realizing that the cool kids might just be onto something: the drink has proved successful enough that the chain is going to keep it on the menu for a bit longer than planned.

The chain launched the drink nationwide this month, and sales have been “very strong,” marketing executive Chris Fuqua told Bloomberg. So strong that Dunkin’ will now continue the product and its ad campaign through the end of the year, instead of winding down in September.

“The early numbers on the launch are very strong,” Fuqua told Bloomberg, without providing specific numbers. “I have a hard time believing cold brew is going to go away anytime soon.”

Cold brew has been bringing in younger customers, Fuqua said, which is a good thing for the chain’s lagging same-store sales. To that end, he says there will probably be some variations on the drink coming down the pipeline.

“I see us doing flavors and doing other ways of making coffee,” he said.

Dunkin’ Plans to Ramp Up Cold Brew After ‘Very Strong’ Start [Bloomberg]

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