Chipotle Is Now Testing Burritos At Its Asian-Inspired ShopHouse Chain

Chipotle is pulling quite a fast food ouroboros with its latest efforts: even though it’s already serving up burritos in its Mexican-themed food business, the company is testing out how burritos might do at its Asian-inspired chain as well.

The company confirmed that it’s testing the menu item at four of its ShopHouse Southeast Asian Kitchen locations, Nation’s Restaurant News reported.

So why is Chipotle inserting its burritos where many would say they don’t belong? It’s what customers want, Chipotle says.

“They’d bring in tortillas (some from nearby Chipotles) and ask if we could wrap the ShopHouse ingredients burrito-style,” spokesman Chris Arnold explained to Eater. “Our ShopHouse team taste-tested that hack and really liked it, so they decided to give it a try.”

That being said, these new rollups aren’t quite burritos, but instead will be dubbed “wraps.” They’ll be showing up at Chipotle’s Dupont Circle restaurant in Washington DC, two restaurants in Chicago, and one more in West Hollywood.

They’ve been around for a few weeks already, as some customers have noted:

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