Report: Apple Working On Video Editing, Sharing App In A Push Towards Social

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Instead of just making the hardware that allows folks to use social media, Apple is reportedly working on a video sharing and editing application of its own, and testing out new features for it on its iOS. This way, it can be/ the social tool instead of just the means to an end.

According to a report from Bloomberg, the idea is in the early stages, but is part of a greater plan to integrate social networking apps within Apple’s mobile products. That’s because the company sees companies like Facebook, Snapchat, and the gang becoming so popular, insiders explained to Bloomberg.

First down the pipeline, the next version of iOS will have an overhauled messaging app that has animated effects to illustrate texts and plug-ins in the App Store that let people send animated images and stickers, and tools to draw on top of photos and videos.

Next up is a new video sharing app that lets users record video, slap a filter on it, draw all over the media (like Snapchat), and send it to contacts or via other social media networks like Twitter. This way, Apple can offer video editing with tools that are familiar to younger customers who have grown up using these kind sod apps. As it stands now, the project would become a standalone app eventually, though Apple might instead build it into the iPhone’s existing camera application.

But will it work? That’s the big question. After all, Apple has tried and failed in the past to launch its own social media tools in the past, like an iTunes social network called Ping in 2010, Bloomberg points out. We’ll find out sometime next year, perhaps, as Apple is aiming for a 2017 release, according to those always wise inside sources. Or Apple will kill it dead in the water and it’ll never see the light of day, in which case, at least it can’t be a flop, right?

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