Samsung Shutting Down “Milk” Streaming Music Service

Just two years after launching its own streaming music service, Samsung will shutter Milk Music next month. 

Samsung announced Monday that it will shutdown Milk Music on Sept. 22 and focus on a different, but similar, music model.

“We have made the strategic decision to invest in a partner model focused on seamlessly integrating the best music services available today into our family of Galaxy devices,” the company said in a statement, without providing actual details on the forthcoming service. “We believe that working with partners will accelerate innovation, enhance device sales and provide amazing new experiences for our customers.”

The end of Milk isn’t exactly surprising, Forbes reports, noting that the service never picked up a large following.

Unlike services like Apple Music or SoundCloud, Milk operated more like a radio than an on-demand music platform.

Much like Pandora, Milk allowed users to choose an artist or a song. The service then picked what songs would be played next based on which tracks the listener did or didn’t like.

[via Forbes]

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