Man Accused Of Groping Fellow Passenger On Virgin America Flight

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When it comes to air travel, it seems that every few months a passenger is assaulted by a fellow traveler. This time a woman on a Virgin America flight said her seat mate inappropriately touched her, and then offered to buy drinks to smooth things over. 

The woman was sitting in the middle seat on an overnight flight from Los Angeles to Newark, NJ on July 29, when she says she woke up to find the stranger in the next seat groping her.

According a criminal complaint [PDF] filed by the U.S. Attorney’s Office in Newark, after falling asleep during the flight, the woman woke “to find [the man’s] hand massaging her vagina and buttocks over her pants” and “rubbing his bare feet against [her] bare feet.”

When the woman noticed the 58-year-old man touching her, she alerted her male friend sitting in the window seat. At that point, the friend switched seats with the victim and confronted the stranger.

The man allegedly told the friend that he wanted everyone to “forget about the incident and offered to buy the friend a drink for any trouble he may have caused,” according to the complaint.

The offer was declined and the victim’s friend alerted the flight’s crew about the incident. At that point, the man was moved to an empty seat across the aisle.

The Washington Post reports that upon landing, the man was arrested by the FBI and taken into federal custody. He was charged Monday with abusive sexual contact and released on $50,000 bail.

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[via The Washington Post]

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