Oreo’s New Choco Chip Cookie Flavor Is Tasty, But Isn’t Chocolate Chip Cookie Flavored

Image courtesy of The Impulsive Buy

Two years ago, cookie dough flavored Oreos hit the market, with standard chcoolatey Oreo wafers and cookie dough flavored creme. The thing is, both of these cookie flavors have names that avoid one important word: chocolate. That’s because the FDA has specific rules for what can legally be called “chocolate,” and the choco-nuggets in these cookies don’t fit the definition.

Like the chips at Starbucks that can’t legally be called “chocolate” because they don’t have the right proportion of ingredients, these would be “chocolate chip” cookies if they were legally allowed to be.

We can’t find the ingredients list for the current version of the cookies, but the 2014 version listed chocolate as the very last ingredient, behind yellow, red, and blue food coloring.


A staffer at Buzzfeed brought out the ultimate insult in my book, comparing the new product to vanilla Snackwell’s cookies.

PopSugar said that the creme “does taste exactly like chocolate chip cookie dough, albeit with a slightly fake aftertaste.”

Refinery29 observed that “there’s a whole lot of chocolate chip cookie flavor going on” and that the cookie is “kind of like eating cookie dough with the texture of an Oreo,” which is a positive thing.

For some actual junk food expertise, we turned to The Impulsive Buy, which declared the cookies to be superior to the 2014 version, which had an accidental coffee flavor. This year’s version has wafers that taste similar to chocolate chip flavored Teddy Grahams, and the cream is a little too sweet with a frosting texture.

“On its own [the creme is] a bit too sweet, reviewer Adam writes, “but taken in a complete bite with the crunchy wafer, it’s like chomping down on a cookie dough stuffed cookie.” Sounds edible.

REVIEW: Limited Edition Choco Chip Oreo Cookies [The Impulsive Buy]

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