Instagram Will Start Offering Translations For Captions, Comments, & Bios

If you’ve ever wondered what that Russian cat is actually saying in her Instagram captions, or what the real story is behind your favorite K-Pop star, you won’t need to step outside the social media service to translate those posts and bios anymore.

While you’ll be on your own for deciphering inspirational quote photos, Instagram is launching a translation tool that will work with captions, bios, and comments.

“In the coming month, you’ll see a translation button on feed stories and profile bios written in languages different from your own,” Instagram announced with — what else? — an Instagram post. “The Instagram community has grown faster and become more global than we ever imagined. And we’re excited that you’ll soon be able to understand the full story of a moment, no matter what language you speak.”

Though Instagram currently supports 24 languages, there’s no word yet on which languages will be included. It’s worth noting that older comments and captions might not translate, Instagram points out on its Help page for the tool.

The social media site — which is owned by Facebook — recently announced that it has more than 500 million active monthly users. About 80% of that user base is outside the U.S., which could be part of the reason Instagram is coming out with a translation tool.

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