Punch Up Your Real Estate Listing By Posing In A Panda Costume In Every Photo

If you’ve ever spent hours online looking for a home — especially in a region where most of the properties have similar layouts and designs — your eyes might glaze over as you skim through countless nearly identical photos. Then, wait — was that a woman in a panda suit?

A real estate agent (not sure if she’s a “Realtor”) in Texas decided the best way to grab attention for her client’s home was to appear in every photo of the home, while dressed in a panda bear costume obviously.

Well, technically not every photo, but we spotted the panda in 22 of the 26 images currently attached to the listing:

The agent tells the Houston Chronicle that after only showing the house twice in three weeks, it was time to get fast and furry-ous.

She says that the stunt has apparently worked, as people are now coming to look at the house more frequently and other agents are asking her where they could get a similar costume.

However, the agent tells the Chronicle that she doesn’t intend for the Panda to be her marketing crutch, though it might make an appearance a couple times a year.

She says, “If we overuse it, it might not work.”

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