Even Mark Zuckerberg Isn’t Impervious To Recycling Passwords, Having Accounts Hacked

Image courtesy of Mr. Seb

Here’s why you should keep track of hacks and breaches and not re-use passwords: because even the king of the modern internet isn’t immune from account takeovers… and if he’s not, you’re not either.

We’re going to go ahead and assume that Mark Zuckerberg knows how to keep his Facebook account secure. He founded the service 12 years ago, after all, and still runs the company today.

But Zuck, like many of us, has multiple social media accounts — not just Facebook. He’s on Pinterest and Twitter, too (and Instagram, of course). As one does. And also as millions do, he apparently re-uses old passwords for some of those accounts.

And how do we know that? Because some enterprising hacker, accessing all that recently-leaked data from the 2012 LinkedIn hack, helped themselves to Zuck’s login credentials and went and stole all his (non-Facebook) social accounts this weekend.

As VentureBeat points out, Zuck isn’t exactly a heavy user of non-Facebook accounts. He hasn’t tweeted since 2012, and his Pinterest account boasts a whopping four pinned items. So it’s easy to see how maybe he’d forget about them, or their passwords.

But let this be a reminder to us all: passwords, even for accounts you haven’t used in half a decade or forgot existed, are still valuable tools, in the wrong hands. Change yours. Often. To things that don’t suck.

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