Diamond 100-Calorie Cashew Packs Recalled, May Contain Glass

Image courtesy of Simon D

A little bit of salt goes well with your roasted cashews, and maybe even a sprinkling of chili powder, but what does not go well with a packet of cashews are pieces of glass. That’s why Diamond is recalling their 100-calorie packs of roasted and salted cashew halves and pieces after one customer reported finding a glass piece.

In their recall notice, the company says that they believe the glass got there when the cashews were still raw, making the supplier a possible source, but they note that the investigation is ongoing, and didn’t name the supplier.

Here’s what you should look for:


The affected flavor is the plain roasted and salted variety. They’ll have printed “best before” dates of December 12, 13, 18, or 21 on the box. If you no longer have the outside box, look for production codes on the packets: on affected boxes, the code will be 15346D346S, 15347D346S, 15352D346S, or 15355D346S.

If you have these cashews, contact Emerald through their website or at 503-364-0399 to get a refund. Don’t eat them: your teeth are much too important for that.

Snyder’s-Lance Announces Voluntary Recall of a Limited Number of Emerald® Cashew Roasted & Salted Halves & Pieces Due to Potential Presence of Glass [FDA]

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