Walmart Eye Care Employee Allegedly Sent Illicit Texts To Customers

Image courtesy of Mike Mozart

A St. Louis woman who took her glasses in for repairs at an eye care clinic inside a local Walmart got more than she bargained for: pornographic photos of the store’s clerk. 

Fox2Now reports that the ordeal, which occurred in July 2015, wasn’t an isolated incident, and that the employee has now been charged with six counts of second-degree sexual misconduct.

The St. Louis County Prosecuting Attorney’s Office says the employee’s alleged conduct came to light after a female customers visited the clinic to have her glasses repaired.

While the woman was waiting for her glasses to be fixed, she received a text message containing an image of a nude, fully aroused man. A short time later, a second text arrived, with the message, “Did you like that?”

Fox2Now reports that the woman was able to use a search function to determine the vision employee had sent the messages.

She then called police, who say the man not only admitted to sending her the photo, but also to doing the same with other vision center customers.

Walmart eye care clerk accused of texting dirty pics to customers [Fox2Now]

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