Uber Will Now Take You From San Diego To Tijuana, Won’t Bring You Back

Image courtesy of afagen

Want a one-way ticket to Tijuana? You can get one from Uber now: the ride-hailing company is providing cross-border trips from San Diego to the Mexican city. There’s one catch, though – passengers have to find their own way home. 

Bloomberg reports that Uber will offer rides on the oft-traveled route starting tomorrow, dropping riders off at their destination in Tijuana.

Passengers must have a passport and other required documentation to cross the border in an Uber.

For now, because the service is taxed and regulated at the point of pickup, Uber can’t provide rides across the border in the other direction just yet.

The company tells Bloomberg it’s working on revamping regulations that govern its service and the way it’s taxes for pickups and drop-offs.

Prior to the start of Friday’s service, Uber drivers were required to drop passengers off at the border. They could then walk across and order a second car.

Uber to Start Providing Cross-Border Trips From U.S. to Mexico [Bloomberg]

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