Alaska Airlines Gives Passengers $100 Credit After Flight Disrupted By Drunk Traveler

Image courtesy of (David Transier)

When a flight is diverted to deal with a disruptive passenger, those left on the plane often receive little, if anything, in the way of compensation for the delay. But travelers on a recently interrupted Alaska Airlines flight received a financial apology from the airline.

Mashable reports that passengers on the flight, which was traveling from Sacramento to Seattle, will receive a $100 credit from the airline after the plane made an unexpected stop in Portland to drop off a drunk passenger on Monday.

The issue with flight 800 began shortly after takeoff Monday evening, when an intoxicated passenger was told by flight attendants to calm down, a spokesperson for Alaska Airlines tells KATU.

The request only served to agitate the passenger more, leading him to lock himself in the plane’s bathroom. At that point, the flight was about 200 miles away from Portland and the pilot determined it was best to land the plane.

Once the flight arrived at the gate, police boarded and took the man into custody.

The remaining 160 passengers on board continued on to Seattle, landing nearly two hours behind schedule.

Shortly after landing, the passengers were greeted by another surprise — this one welcomed: a $100 discount code for use on a future flight.

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