After 10 Years, Dos Equis Will Replace “Most Interesting Man In The World”

One of the more famous faces in advertising is set to change, as Dos Equis beer plans to retire the current version of the “Most Interesting Man In The World” and replace him with someone who is presumably of equal interest, globally speaking.

AdAge reports that new Dos Equis ads will feature the beer brand’s worldly and multi-talented mascot — played since 2006 by actor Jonathan Goldsmith — setting off on a one-way, one-man mission to Mars.

This will apparently be the 77-year-old Goldsmith’s final appearance as the Most Interesting Man, but just like James Bond, Batman, Superman, and Doctor Who, the character will carry on in the form of a different actor. The identity of the new guy, who will be stepping into some pretty big and stylish shoes, has not been identified, but Dos Equis parent company Heineken tells AdAge that he will debut in the fall, and that there will be some sort of continuity… because that’s apparently important.

“There will be a hand-off of sorts — one day it won’t just be somebody new,” explains a Dos Equis marketing VP. “There will be elements that are very, very recognizable, that are super iconic to us, but it will have a very fresh take on things. It will not feel like we’ve just swapped actors.”

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