Target Introducing New Shopping Carts Designed For Children And Adults With Disabilities

carolinescartPushing a wheelchair as well as a shopping cart may pose a bit of a challenge for your average shopper. In an effort to provide another option for those customers, Target is introducing new shopping carts in all of its stores that are specifically designed for children and adults with disabilities.

The carts will look a lot like Target’s traditional red carts but have a larger, harness-equipped seats. Target tested the carts in some stores over the last year, announcing recently that starting March 19, all stores will have at least one of the Caroline’s Carts, except for the smallest stores that don’t offer full-size carts.

Caroline’s Cart was designed by a mother whose daughter has a neurological developmental disorder called Rett syndrome, and she had outgrown the seat in a standard shopping cart. Because maneuvering a wheelchair and shopping cart in store aisles isn’t easy, and many families don’t want to or can’t leave children with special needs at home while they shop, she decided to take matters into her own hands, she told the Chicago Tribune.

“If a retailer is going to provide a variety of carts, it’s an accommodation they should provide,” she said. “Families of children with disabilities should be able to have the same experience as a typical family.”

“Caroline’s Cart can be a game-changer for families, and we’re excited to offer this for our guests across the country,” Juan Galarraga, senior vice president of store operations for Target, said in a statement. “Target is always looking for new ways to make guests feel welcome in our stores and give them a more comfortable shopping experience.”

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