Man Arrested After His Drone Crashes Into The Empire State Building

A lesson for you drone owners out there trying to get just the right shot: if you crash your unmanned aerial vehicle into a famous landmark, you should probably just kiss it goodbye. Because if you ask for it back, you may find yourself arrested, like one New Jersey man who police say flew his drone into a little New York City landmark called the Empire State Building.

The 29-year-old was arrested on Thursday after his drone allegedly crashed into the 40th floor of the building, NBC New York reported.

Police said the small aircraft he was piloting eventually came to rest on the 35th floor of the landmark building, and was retrieved by security staff.

When he asked building security workers to give him his drone back, they called the police on him instead, Reuters reported. Police say he’s now facing reckless endangerment and navigation in and over the city charges.

NBC New York identified the man as a Twitter user who Tweeted last night that he’d been filming with a drone and that it had gotten “stuck” on the Empire State Building, as in, stuck “with security.”

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