Subway Is Really Excited About Raising The Price Of Its Footlong Promo From $5 To $6

There’s nothing like a little breathless excitement to try to convince your customers that raising the price of something popular is a fantastic idea, which is perhaps why Subway was so pleased to let customers know that “ALL” its classic footlong sandwiches will cost $6 from now on. That’s right, the same menu item that Subway used to push for just $5 during its typical promotion.

You’ll have to edit the jingle you’re humming loudly enough to get stuck in the heads’ of your coworkers, because the five, five-dollar-footlooooong will sell for an extra buck as of today, Subway trumpted earlier this week on Twitter:

A classic sandwich, Subway clarifies, “refers to a regular priced SUBWAY sandwich without upgrades.”

The reactions have been unsurprising.

“We launched the $5 footlong back in 2007,” Subway explained on Twitter. “Since then our costs have gone up greatly, but we try to balance that with promotions.”

The company echoed that sentiment in a statement to media, noting that the $6 deal will only last through February, the traditional month for its $5 footlong promo (though the chain often offered it at that price during other promotional periods throughout the years as well):

“We know how much our fans have contributed to the success of the $5 footlong promotions in the past. We first launched the $5 footlong way back in 2007 and in the last 9 years our costs have gone up greatly and inflation has eroded the value of everyone’s dollar,” Subway explained, via WGN. “But we are always looking for new ways to bring fans great tasting subs at a great value so we’re introducing the $6 All Classic Footlong Event for the entire month of February.”

We reached out to Subway to see if the $5 footlong will ever return, or if customers really will have to switch the jingle’s lyrics permanently.

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