Arizona Wendy’s, Jack In The Box Hit By Prank Calls Instructing Workers To Break Restaurants’ Windows

If you work at a restaurant, or any other business with windows, take note: don’t listen to anyone who calls and tells you to break every window and door you can lay your hands on. We already heard about Burger King workers in California who fell prey to that prank recently, and now it seems the staff at both an Arizona Wendy’s and a Jack in the Box have played Simon Says, demolition version, as well.

The first incident happened on at a Phoenix Wendy’s on Jan. 30, even before that California Burger King hoax, reports ABC 15 News. Though it had the same results as the other fake emergency call, this time the stranger who called Wendy’s had a complicated plan, a mix of both the “testing a safety system” and the “break the windows” prank.

An unknown person told the manager on the phone that they were with the fire department and needed to conduct a diagnostic test on the fire system, police said. The manager followed instructions and turned on the restaurant’s fire suppression system. The caller then said what the manager had done had caused a gas leak, so everyone had to evacuate the restaurant and the employee was told to break all the windows to avoid an explosion.

Wendy’s employees complied and smashed every single window, while waiting for the fire department to show up. Once officials arrived, they confirmed the call was a hoax.

Then on Tuesday in Tucson, workers at a Jack in the Box heard from a caller who convinced workers to break the windows, after claiming to be from a fire-suppression company, reports KGUN.

The call came in at 1:25 a.m. Tuesday morning, with the voice on the other end telling workers that gas levels were high and the building should be evacuated, Tucson police said. Again, the caller told workers to bust out the restaurant’s windows, and they followed instructions.

Police said the call was a hoax, and that another Jack in the Box location received the same call, but didn’t follow through with the instructions to break windows.

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