Raiders Of The Lost Walmart Still Playing Game That Shut Down In July 2014

Eventually, all things end, and that includes multiplayer online games. The game Vanguard: Saga of Heroes shut down in July of 2014, but Walmart is trying to keep its legacy alive by continuing to sell useless game discs in the discount bin for fifteen bucks.


The Raiders of the Lost Walmart are the brave explorers and retail archaeologists who find retail antiquities in the world’s big box stores, bringing them back to share with Consumerist and with the world. New raider Alex found this fine specimen of an extinct game in the discount bin of a Walmart in Florida.

“Sure enough, this $15 purchase gets you access to a game that went free to play in 2012 and went completely offline on July 31st of 2014,” he wrote in his field notes. “I was half tempted to purchase it anyway, but my better judgement prevailed.”

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