At Least One Burger King Is Trying All-Day Breakfast, Too



There’s a limited pool of people who want to eat breakfast for every meal of the day, and diners and family restaurants have been preparing for a world where McDonald’s serves its breakfast menu all day. What about other fast-food outlets, though? At least one Burger King in New Jersey has decided to hop on the bandwagon and offer all-day breakfast.

It probably helps that this restaurant, which is in Garwood, NJ, is across the street from a McDonald’s, according to tipster Matt. We wondered whether this was some kind of chain-wide initiative to compete with McDonald’s, so we contacted Burger King.

No, they told us, this is a local initiative. It wasn’t so long ago that all-day breakfast was something that McDonald’s franchisees were agitating for: maybe Burger King will follow its competitor into serving disappointing breakfast food all day.

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