Local Authorities Warn Public Not To Eat Cheese From Overturned Truck On The Highway


An interpretive illustration of the fallen cheese. (dn1967b)

Listen. I know how tempting free cheese is — grocery stores put away their samples when I come sniffing around — but no matter how badly you want to save cheese from the horrible fate of going uneaten, don’t do it. Officials in Alabama had to warn local residents not to scoop up cheese strewn across the road after a truck overturned on the highway.

The DeKalb County Emergency Management Agency felt the need to remind folks that cheese found in the road/inside an overturned 18-wheeler is not meant for the public to chow down on, posting a notice on its Facebook page on Saturday.

“As result of the incident, the cheese product has been declared salvaged and not fit for human consumption,” the agency explained. “Please do not consume the cheese products at this time.”

It’s hard to stand idly by while cheese is being wasted, but it’s the right thing to do. Just keep repeating that to yourself and we’ll get through this, I promise.

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