Walmart’s Streaming Video Service VUDU Discounts All Of This Year’s Emmy-Nominated Shows To $.67

gotpe2For folks who might enjoy, say, Game of Thrones and Veep, but not enough to pay for HBO or HBO Now just for those two shows, or someone who wants to watch House of Cards without getting a Netflix subscription, Walmart’s streaming service VUDU might make sense: it charges per episode for TV shows, instead of requiring an upfront subscription fee for access to its libraries. VUDU is now sweetening the deal on some shows, knocking the per-episode price of all 2015 Emmy nominees and winners down to $0.67.

It’s worth noting that that price is only for the standard definition version of those titles, which usually costs about $1.99 — HD will still cost $2.99 and HDX is $3.99 for most TV shows.

That being said, it’s still a good deal for folks looking to knock out a few seasons of popular TV shows that everyone keeps telling them they need to watch, but that they just haven’t gotten around to yet because seriously, it was a really busy summer and work has been crazy, so they just don’t have time to start a new show right now.

It isn’t just the most recent season of the show, either — all episodes in each show are included in the $0.67 deal, ostensibly priced in honor of the Emmy’s 67th awards show.

As MarketWatch points out, this means users could watch all five seasons — 50 episodes worth — of Game of Thrones for $33.50. Homeland? You’re in for $30.15 for 45 episodes. In comparison, you could try to watch 50 episodes of GoT in one month on HBO Now and pay just $15, but then you’ll be paying with time spent watching 50 episodes of one show in a month.

It’s unclear at this point how long the deal will last, but we’ve reached out to VUDU and will update this post when we hear back.

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