Apple Watch Sport Users Complain That Lettering And Logo Are Wearing Off

Image courtesy of (Reddit)

It’s not until a new product officially leaves the testing phase and reaches the general public that its real problems are discovered, and owners of the Apple Watch Sport are reporting an unexpected problem: The Apple logo on the backs of their watches is wearing off. Sure, it doesn’t affect how the watch works, but for a product that’s pricey and marketed as having luxury watch standards, that’s unexpected.

Or maybe inside Apple’s Reality Distortion Field, what’s happening is that a silver Apple logo is revealing itself, making the watch’s status as a super-luxury product known. To anyone who looks at the back. Of a watch that people wear. That probably isn’t the solution.

One user on Apple’s support forums reported the color of the watch casing peeling on the back, around some of the words, and says that his or her case is pending with Apple. That user posted yesterday, but they aren’t alone: someone on Reddit reported the same problem a few weeks ago.

Maybe it’s a fluke or defect in only a very few watches, or maybe it’s a problem to watch out for. Either way, it’s an annoying issue for owners who have to face getting their wrist computers replaced.

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