Dunkin’ Donuts Customers Pay It Forward Every Single Friday At Pennsylvania Drive-Thru

Image courtesy of Consumerist

We’ve heard a good share of “pay it forward” stories at coffee shops and elsewhere, where customers ask to pay for the next person’s order, sometimes leading to a chain of people willing to brighten up a stranger’s day. But one Pennsylvania Dunkin’ Donuts has probably seen more of these pay it forward acts than others: the manager says it happens every Friday, no matter what, like clockwork.

Sometimes only two customers participate, sometimes 12 — and sometimes, the chain of giving would last even longer, if only there were enough customers in the drive-thru line that day, the Dunkin’ Donuts manager tells the York Dispatch.

He started noticing the Friday pattern after he began as a manager at the Dunkin’ Donuts. One customer would come to the drive-thru window, ask how much the next order was and then pay for it. Then the next person would find out they’d had their order paid for, and pay for the person behind them.

And this happened every week, on Friday.

“I’ve never experienced anything like it at other locations,” the manager said.

The generous mood reached its peak a few weeks ago when 32 people participated on one day. It would’ve kept going, too, but there were no more cars in the drive-thru. The most expensive order someone paid for was $9.32.

“We wanted to keep it going, there was just no more customers,” the manager explained. “My employees did everything they could.”

He gives credit to the speed of his workers and how excited they get for the Friday tradition that has evolved this year.

“We have a hardworking crew here,” he said. “And the best part is they love doing it.”

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