11 Million People Are Trying Apple Music, Some Might Actually Pay In September

iphone6-3up-applemusic-features-pr-print-1Can Apple’s music-streaming service convert its users into paying customers once the service’s trial period is done? How many people have signed up for Apple Music so far, anyway? The company has finally provided the world with an update on its shiny new streaming service, including actual subscriber numbers.

We wondered about this when the service first came out, especially since the company at first said that it would pay musicians zero percent of nothing in royalties, then announced that musicians would get some undisclosed amount.

It turns out, though, that Apple could be paying musicians with a percentage of their revenue, since the service is taking in some money. USA Today learned that two million subscribers have already whipped out their credit cards for the $15/month “family plan,” which can be shared between up to six people. We had wrong information: Apple is excited to announce that it has 9 million regular members and 2 million family members signed up, but the question remains how many of those will stick around at $10 for a regular subscription and $15 for a family subscription.

Some may choose to convert to a paying subscription; some may accidentally forget to cancel and convert to a paid subscription even though they didn’t want to. (Here’s how to avoid that.)

Apple Music hooks 11 million trial members, App Store has record July [USA Today]

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