Discover Shrink Rays Credit Card Benefits

discover_cardSure, we’ve all heard of the Grocery Shrink Ray, but gradually shrinking consumer products doesn’t just apply to physical items. Warranties can shrink, and the services that you receive as part of an account or a subscription can shrink too. Readers are reporting that their Discover card benefits will shrink as of next week, so we have bad news if you were very attached to Discover’s travel insurance, baggage delay insurance, and roadside assistance.

If you’ve never used any of these benefits, then it won’t make much of a difference in your life. Tipster David is kind of bemused at the e-mail that the company sent out to announce the changes, though.

He points out that there’s a strange disconnect between the message opening of “At Discover, we want you to be happy,” and removing some benefits.

Maybe you have a Discover card, and didn’t even know that you had any of these benefits. If credit card companies advertised them aggressively to current members, you might actually use them. Check the website for your card’s issuing bank: even if you read the included benefits closely when you signed up, they may have changed since then.

Benefits you might have that can solve some common consumer problems are purchase return protection and warranty extension, where the act of buying something with a credit card means that the credit card company extends the manufacturer’s warranty.

Member Benefits [Discover]

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