RadioShack Seeks Relevance Through Wu-Tang Clan Affiliation, YouTube Dance Party

wutangspeakerRadioShack is in the middle of a bold retail experiment: is it possible to acquire a venerable brand with a deteriorated reputation through bankruptcy and rehabilitate it into a place where people actually want to shop? The Shack’s new owners are harnessing the power of song and dance to try this…well, and also portable speakers. And rap.

While the headphone and speaker company Beats (now owned by Apple) has Dr. Dre in their corner, Boombotix portable wireless speakers has the Wu-Tang Clan’s RZA as the brand’s creative director. The company now has an exclusive deal with RadioShack, which puts the speakers in strip malls nationwide rather than just a few small surfing and skateboard shops.

I don’t see the appeal of clipping a speaker to your belt, but I am also old.

Meanwhile, Orlando Jones, a comedian, singer, and person who I am always confusing with Orlando Bloom, released what was apparently meant to be a “viral” video re-introducing RadioShack with an in-store dance party.

It’s actually quite catchy, and would probably succeed as a TV spot if RadioShack were interested in buying television ad time. As of right now, the video has had about 17,000 views, which is not terribly viral.

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