Here’s Why You Shouldn’t Put Your $10K Apple Watch Between Powerful Magnets

It doesn’t matter if we’ve seen a slew of videos showing expensive electronics getting totally [spoiler alert] destroyed at the hands of curious home scientists (in the name of durability testing, of course), put another one in front of us and we’re probably going to watch the destruction footage yet again. Entering the arena: A $10,000 gold-plated Apple Watch.

In case you were perhaps considering placing your new fancy device between powerful magnets, the kind of magnets that have the power to crush human bones, don’t. That is, unless you’re making a YouTube video showing a new 38 mm 18k gold Apple Watch Edition as the meat in a magnet sandwich.

The two neodymium magnets equal 650 pounds of force, says YouTube user TechRax, which means the Watch (spoiler alert) doesn’t fare well.

At first it seems the magnets themselves don’t want to get together… that is, until one of those conducting the experiment nudges one at an angle. With a puff of smoke and a chorus of “Whoa!”s, the Watch meets its fate.

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