Hairless Cat Missing In Atlanta Airport Found Alive And Safe

Rudy's family (center) and the Delta employee and pet detective who helped find the cat.

Rudy’s family (center) and the Delta employee and pet detective who helped find the cat.

We are delighted to share a story with a happy ending regarding a pet flying in cargo. Specifically, Rudy the hairless cat, who was shipped on Delta Airlines from Seattle to Florida to join his new family. Rudy escaped from his crate somewhere at Delta’s Atlanta hub on Thursday, and was found earlier today.

The family traveled from Florida to Atlanta to help with the search, and were there to greet Rudy when he was found. After a few days of hiding, though, the cat made his presence known, and airport staff found him. The family reported on their Facebook page:

He was heard meowing around midnight by some airport employees, a search team then formed and they found Rudy!! Apparently he had traveled from terminal D, all the way to terminal B, approximately a mile, maybe less, from his original point!

Concourse B is also part of the Deltaplex in the airline’s Atlanta hub. While in the past we’ve pointed out Delta’s bad record with pets, Rudy’s owners thanked the airline for their help in finding their pet, including picking up the tab for the reward, allowing searchers into secure areas, and letting the searchers put up posters.

It’s not clear what happened to the animal’s crate, but this is what it looked like when employees discovered that the cat was missing.


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