Burger King’s Fantastically Creepy King Mascot Is Back

king_grabHave you been counting the days until Burger King’s terribly creepy “King” mascot re-appeared in the brand’s ads? It seems unlikely that any potential customers missed the King, and he’s possibly been slumming behind the counter of a Taco Bell since his spots stopped airing in 2011. Here’s your warning: the King is coming back to your television. Sorry.

Our readers declared the perpetually smiling, plastic-faced King to be the second creepiest fast food mascot of all time in a poll just over a year ago so maybe it was us who guaranteed his return. Bringing back the King doesn’t just mean he quits working for other fast-food joints: it means that his re-appearance earns the chain free publicity from sites like…well, Consumerist. We’ll probably even embed the YouTube version of the 15-second ad, earning them free views.

You also would have had some advance warning that this mascot wasn’t dead if you watched the recent Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao boxing match, where Burger King sponsored Mayweather and even joined his entourage before the match. That’s probably some kind of royal protocol breach, but at least the King was appropriately dressed.

Burger King Unveils Its First TV Commercial With the King in More Than 4 Years [AdWeek]

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