Tic Tac Introduces New Flavors That Change As They Dissolve, Because Millennials Can’t Stand Being Bored

Tic Tac's current flavors (via Facebook)

Tic Tac’s current flavors (via Facebook)

In yet another example of how badly brands want to cater to — and get the business of — younger consumers, Tic Tac is introducing its first major product innovation in seven years: Flavors that change as they dissolve in your mouth, because millennials just cannot stand being bored, nope, not for one second.

Tic Tac Mixers were designed for young consumers who hate being bored, Todd Midura, marketing director for Tic Tac in the U.S. told Bloomberg, and will come in either cherry cola or peach lemonade.

“It was really born from looking at consumer needs and trying to make sure we’re appealing to those younger consumers,” Midura said. “It’s all about people wanting the product to entertain them. Younger people are really looking for a product to do that.”

The company says there are three reasons why someone might want a Tic Tac — to freshen breath, have a “sweet, fruity” moment or “emotional rescue.” Okay, then.

Since Tic Tacs first came on the scene in 1969, the product has remained pretty much the same, besides a tweak to packaging in 2010 to allow the clear containers to hold more mints than before. That’s because people haven’t wanted a change, Midura says.

“There’s an element of nostalgia,” he said. “People love being able to see what’s inside.”

Unless you’re bored and you can’t find entertainment anywhere else than a flavor-changing candy.

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