Police: Man Pitched A Condiment-Throwing Fit Over Rest Stop’s Lack Of Macaroni & Cheese, Potatoes

We all get cranky when we’ve got a craving for a certain food and it’s nowhere to be found, but it’s important in those frustrating moments to keep a cool head. Unlike one man who allegedly was so enraged that a rest stop didn’t have any macaroni and cheese — and to add insult to injury, had run out of potatoes.

State police in Pennsylvania say a man from New York threw condiments around in a rage at a Turnpike rest stop when he found out that the foods he wanted to eat were not available at that location, reports the Associated Press.

The 47-year-old man allegedly got his duff up after he ordered macaroni and cheese at the rest stop’s Roy Rogers restaurant and was informed they had run out of it. Police say this lack of mac caused him to become “angry and agitated” and he “began to curse.”

Being angry and swearing isn’t a crime, of course. But police say after he got coffee from another vendor and returned to the restaurant to order potatoes, things escalated: After he was told that Roy Rogers was out of potatoes as well, he allegedly became enraged and started tossing condiments around.

At some point the police were called to intervene, and the man was charged with disorderly conduct.

Good travel tip: Pack your own macaroni and cheese and potatoes. It’s a rule I live by, in case of dairy/carb emergencies.

Police: Man enraged by lack of mac ‘n cheese at rest stop [Associated Press]

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