Fire Department Called To Untangle Girl’s Fingers From Target Shopping Basket

A trip to Target turned into quite the ordeal for a young Michigan girl over the weekend when the local fire department had to be called to unsnarl her fingers from a shopping basket.

The Detroit Free Press reports that a four-year-old girl’s fingers had become so twisted into a shopping basket that store employees had to call 9-1-1 for help.

The incident began Saturday night when a mother and daughter paid a visit to a Detroit-area Target. Sometime during the trip the little girl’s fingers became stuck in the holes of a shopping basket.

Store employees were unable to set her fingers free using soap, so they called the local firefighters and paramedics.

Authorities were able to free the girls fingers by cutting the basket with scissors and tin snips. The girl was uninjured.

The local fire department tells the Detroit Free Press that they were “happy to assist with this simple but unusual situation and glad that she is okay.”

It’s unclear how the girl’s fingers became so badly engaged with the basket, the fire department says.

Firefighters free child’s fingers from shopping basket [The Detroit Free Press]

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