Guy Pours Molten Aluminum Into Watermelon Because He Knew We Couldn’t Resist Watching The Video

There is no question we never fail to answer in this Internet age, and it’s, “What’s gonna happen next?” We have to know. We were born needing to know. And so of course, we must click a button and find out what could possibly occur when some guy pours molten aluminum into a watermelon and films it.

Because something must happen, if the video is posted on the Internet in the first place, especially when it pairs two things that don’t normally interact, right?

Probably, but it’s not always what you’d expect: In the case of watermelon-plus-melty-metal, even The Backyard Science guy behind the clip admits that he had a pretty buzzworthy result in mind.

Did he achieve instant virality? Is Gallagher going to be very jealous? We’re not in the habit of spoiling the end of stories, so you’ll just have to watch and findout for yourself. I will say it’s pretty cool, regardless of your expectations when it comes to molten metals and fruit.

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