Uber Expands Food Delivery Service UberEATS To Chicago, New York City

Uber expanded its food delivery service UberEATS to New York City and Chicago today.

Uber expanded its food delivery service UberEATS to New York City and Chicago today.

Since opening for business, ride-sharing company Uber hasn’t been content with simply giving customers rides from point A to point B. After dabbling in all kinds of pilot programs including on-demand drop-offs of everyday essentials and courier services, the company seems to have found a second niche: food delivery. And so, Uber plans to expand UberEATS to Chicago and New York this week.

Uber said today that the positive response to the pilot of UberEATS (previously known as UberFRESH) in Barcelona and Los Angeles, led the company to take its competition for GrubHub, Seamless and other delivery services to a larger customer base.

The service delivers customers their choice of meals from a specially curated and rotating menu that features “local flavors that you crave the most” from the “most popular, iconic restaurants.”

The first menu options in New York include an exclusive sandwich from American Cut, Kale Caesar salad from sweetgreen, and a steak sandwich from Num Pang. In Chicago, users can choose from the Pepito Torta from XOCO, Carne Asada Cemita from Cemitas, and other meals.

The Verge reports that the meals will be delivered by specially designated UberEATS drivers and that customers will pay a delivery fee ($3 in Chicago; $4 in NYC)

In addition to adding New York and Chicago to the UberEATS roster, the company says it has added a brunch option to its Los Angeles menu.

Customers in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago can access UberEATS through the current app by sliding over to the EATS option.

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