The Average Ticket Price Of A Baseball Game Sees Steepest Increase In Six Years

Taking yourself out to the ball game is getting pricer this season, with the average ticket price to attend a Major League Baseball game rising by 3.3% to $28.94, the sharpest increase the league has seen in six years.

According to Team Marketing Report’s annual Fan Cost Index [PDF], that makes a 4.4% increase since 2013, after staying flat in 2012, reports the Chicago Tribune.

Fans of the Boston Red Sox will feel the most pain, with an average ticket costing $52.34. That’s the same price as last year, however, so that could serve as some sort of relief for fans watching their wallets. The New York Yankees’ prices stayed flat as well, with an average price again of $51.55.

True fans of the Kansas City Royals will see the cost of their team’s recent hot streak rewarded with a boost in average ticket prices for the second year in a row, with a 20.3% rise to $29.76. That’s coming off consecutive winning seasons, getting into the playoffs for the first time since 1985 and winning the AL pennant.

Meanwhile, the team that beat the Royals for the World Series title has an average price of $33.78, an uptick of 6.8% for the San Francisco Giants.

MLB ticket price average up 3.3 percent to nearly $29 [Chicago Tribune]

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