Lululemon’s New Anti-Ball-Crushing Pants Are A Huge Hit

pantsIf any athletic wear company knows about the importance of paying attention to their customers’ genitals, it’s Lululemon. The company lost much of its leadership and annoyed a lot of people over a 2013 fiasco involving pants that were inexplicably translucent in the crotch area. Now the company has found success by explicitly marketing a new line of pants for men for their non-testicle-crushing properties.

I was not aware this was an issue in the pants industry, but the “action slacks,” called the ABC Pant, have been a huge hit so far. While Lululemon is normally associated with women, their menswear sales are up. ABC, of course, stands for “anti-ball-crushing.”

How much will trousers with precision anti-ball-crushing engineering set you back? The ABC pants cost $128.

Lululemon’s smash new hit: Pants with manhood in mind [CNN]

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