Firefighters Rescue Riders From Clutches Of Universal Orlando’s Incredible Hulk Roller Coaster

Although we’d like to think that The Incredible Hulk is the kind of guy who’d save a bunch of people trapped on a roller coaster, the ride bearing his name at Universal Orlando proved to be of a different inclination, after 32 passengers had to be rescued by firefighters when the ride stopped 50 yards short of the landing area.

The coaster suffered a technical glitch that prompted the Hulk to shut down short of the unloading platform, reports WKMG 6 in Orlando. A spokesman noted that the glitch caused the system to come to a stop at the safest spot possible, as it’s designed to do.

Orlando Fire Rescue responded to the scene and said that six riders were trapped about 25 feet off the ground. While 20 passengers were able walk down a nearby stairwell, a dozen in the front car had to be rescued by firefighters, and strapped into safety harnesses to be lowered safely down to the ground.

No one was injured, and the ride was reopened this morning. Bruce Banner was not available for comment because he is a fictional person/super hero.

Riders rescued from roller coaster at Universal Orlando [WKMG 6]

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