Allegedly Armed Intruder Chooses The Wrong Wrestling-Themed Restaurant To Mess With

(via ABC News)

(via ABC News)

When presented with a list of businesses that you might not want to mess with, one that has a wrestling theme and is run by a former WWE star and her husband would probably be right at the top of that list. Nonetheless, police say an armed man got into a tussle at a Chicago wrestling-themed restaurant, and let’s just say he was not successful.

Surveillance video caught the action at The Squared Circle restaurant, which is owned by the ex-WWE star who wrestled under the name Victoria, reports ABC News.

A server said a man was acting a bit weird in the restaurant, and she’d asked if he was okay. Instead of replying, he’d apparently walked into the women’s bathroom. The owner’s husband and co-owner of the place bumped into him as he was leaving the restroom, with the suspect then walking toward the kitchen.

“He said some guys with guns were chasing him, and I thought, ‘If guys with guns were really chasing you, then you shouldn’t be out front,’” the co-owner said. “I escorted him back to the kitchen and he was immediately combative with me.”

That’s when he allegedly tried to reach for a gun inside his pants, so the husband says he simply picked him up to have a civicl discussion with him about the decisions he was making.

“I said, ‘Hey, I’m going to put you back down, but if you’re going for a weapon, we’re going to have a problem,” he says.

On the video he then carries suspect into a corner of the kitchen and heard “metal on metal” when he pushed him against the sink, confirming his suspicions that the man was armed.

The chef called the police, and after holding the man down for a few minutes, his captor instructed the chef to take the hidden gun. A few moments later in the video, he’s seen wrestling the suspect onto the floor. Though the suspect was acting up, saying he didn’t want to go to prison, he wasn’t going anywhere, says the husband.

“There was an obvious size difference,” he added. “He wouldn’t be in my weight class. He’d be in my sister’s weight class.”

Police arrived and arrested the suspect, charging him with multiple felony and misdemeanor charges including aggravated assault, the use of a deadly weapon, possession of a controlled substance, battery and not having proper firearm owner identification, Chicago police told ABC News.

Husband of Ex-WWE Star ‘Victoria’ Takes Down Allegedly Armed Intruder in Their Restaurant [ABC News]

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